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    Download Files

    opspl Level 1
      I'm working on a cd presentation and I want to download some files from the cd.
      Is there anyway to do it?

      Thanks a lot
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          HI Sunira,


                  Download options work fine when it's a web based Flash, in that case you can go for something like this in AS 2.0,

          dwd_btn.onRelease = function() {
               getURL("C:/vid10.flv", "_parent");


          Here Im downloading a FLV video, the button action opens me a browser window, with a download save/open dialog window. I used this feature for my website, and downloading within flash worked fine.

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            opspl Level 1



            Thanks a lot for replying.

            I have used the same method to download and it works fine.

            I would have prefered without going to the browser window but for now this is fine.

            Let me know if I can give the save dialog box directly...



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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you can.  use the filereference class.