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    adobe 8 professional - combined files for viewing on projector


      I have a new job where I have to create a report which consists of Microsoft Word, Excel and scanned documents.  I combine in Adobe 8 and then the report is viewed in meetings with infocus projector.  The charts are sideways and I can't rotate them.  Also the projected images are too small and blurry. 


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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I don't have version 8 on my computers anymore, but you can rotate your pages to change how the charts/pages look. This is not the same as the rotate pages in the View menu since that setting cannot be saved. As to blurry charts, that cannot be fixed in Acrobat you have to change how either the chart is created and/or the setting file used to create the pdf. The job options setting allows you to decide if fidelity (better looking documents) is more or less important than the size of the pdf file. For information on how to do these things you can check the included help files in Acrobat or reask in the Acrobat forum, since your question is really not a workflow issue.