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    Adobe losing it?


      Adobe seems to have an attitude problem - I hope it's not losing it...


      I am downloading the latest version of flash player.


      1. First of all, it seems to always want to load something else with it - the default setting is to also download and install McAfee, Chrome etc. - you need to un-select it if you don't want it. I thought that by now the world has learned that this kind of default options is politically wrong! I don't wan to see Adobe engaging in it, regardless of how much extra revenue it may bring. It is wrong. The screen could ask politely "would you also like to try this or that?" and the default setting should be NO.


      2. After downloading it, tried to run it - it wants me to close my browser. It is not convenient for me to do that now so I decide to postpone the whole process. I go to the place where the download resides, and try to delete it. IT DOESN'T LET ME! IT WANTS A PASSWORD! Now Adobe is not letting me simple delete its download on my own computer?


      3. This is my first time on these forums. The process of getting here was really difficult, time consuming, and extremely unfriendly. I could not find a place to simply go and file a complaints. I could not set up an account on the forums without going through a lot of hoops, requiring me to register some product etc. I ended up chatting with a support person who did me a big favour and set me up - I still don't know if I could have done this on my own. I am a highly experienced and intelligent user, I have been around forever, been there and done that, seen untold number of sites and forums, and I am telling you - this place is not nice and friendly. Again, if this company is going to continue to thrive, it must change or else run a chance of losing it all to somebody else who will.


      Everything here smacks of the kind of attitude that has brought many companies down. I don't want to see if happen here.


      Dan Peer