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    Cannot generate stub objects for web service invocation




      I am getting the following error when I try to invoke a webservice and I have no clue what I am doing wrong...


      Cannot generate stub objects for web service invocation


      Any help will be appreciated!


      URL: http://bilete-avion.viaromania.eu/promo/

      Webservice: http://ws.esky.ro/promo2/?wsdl / http://ws.esky.ro/promo2/

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Now... I don't know so well how to interpret WDSL or SOAP stuff in general, but the error message you're getting seems to refer to this:


          <message name="eSKY.getAirlinesForActivePromotionsRequest">
              <part name="void" type="xsd:void"/>


          In that it doesn't know what a "void" is.


          The XSDs being imported @ the top of the WSDL also don't know anything about it.


          So my very uneducated guess here is that's what's causing your problem.


          How to fix it?  No idea, sorry.


          Is it your web service, or someone else's?  Looking @ the URLs involved: probably someone else's.  Have you been in touch with them to ask them about it?




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            insuractive Level 3

            I think Adam is probably dead on - I wouldn't be surpised if AXIS is freaking out at that data type of Void.  In my humble opinion, trying to troubleshoot a coldfusion web service invocation problem is a real exercise in frustration - I would advise that you will be better off (both in your code as well as your emotional state) if you switch to consuming the web service by building the SOAP XML message manually and posting it using CFHTTP.  With all the problems with unsupported features in CF's version of AXIS as well as all the problems surrounding namespaces, it really does simplify the problem - especially if you are working with a vendor that uses the .NET platform.


            Ben Nadel has a wonderful article that outlines this technique that should get you started:


            http://www.bennadel.com/blog/1809-Making-SOAP-Web-Service-Requests-With-ColdFusion-And-CFH TTP.htm


            BTW - it also makes debugging web service problems SO much easier since you can capture your request and response SOAP messages as part of one cfcatch block and just pass it along to your vendor if you encounter a problem.