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    Is there a richtext alternative in mobile?


      spark richtext is not recomended for use in mobile? i need to build a grid with a column containg few fields in diffrenet colors and sizes so i see the RichText as the right choice. should i use it? is there another alternative?

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          Shongrunden Adobe Employee

          RichText is not recommended in mobile.  Can you use the spark Label?  Or StyleableTextField for better performance.

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            Gaius Coffey Level 2

            If it's a grid, it could be managed using ItemRenderers with Label however...


            That still doesn't give a solution for when rich text is required for edit elsewhere. I've been searching and searching for possible solutions but not getting very far.


            Has anybody come up with an approach to allowing simple rich text formatting as per all kinds of other iOS apps (such as iPages) that allows inline editing of text where individual words / letters etc. can be bolded / italicised / underlined / sized?


            I don't want to have to go through all the pain of cooking up a raw HTML editor in code myself, so would really appreciate any ideas.