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    What is the best methodology to build modular applications?

    roestigraben Level 1



      I am working on a project that uses database access quite heavily.


      Now, as I am a beginner, I wanted to go a very modular approach by building one module at the time and then assemble it in the overall application.


      I tried to use <SWFLoader> to do this assembly work. I have a top level file where I load teh module when needed and render them visible (or invisible) which worked nicely.


      Now, with some recent problems with release builds and putting the finished application from the localhost  to the real URL, I am not so sure that this is the best.


      The alternative would be of course to do a single project and work with states, but this will make the project more difficult to oversee (maybe I miss something)


      Can somebody suggest something and hint where the best resources (tutorials, book, demo applications...) for my problem can be found.


      Many thanks