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    Flex 3 Accordion

    Arsohoh Level 1

      Hi all,


      I have a unique requirement that needs to be put in pertaining to Flex Accordion.


      To start with I will have something like below,


      <mx:Accordion id="s" resizeToContent="true" width="100%" >
        <mx:VBox id="v1" label="v1" height="200" >
           <mx:TextInput text="T 1"/>
      <mx:VBox id="v2" label="v2" height="100">
           <mx:TextInput text="T 2"/>
      <mx:VBox id="v3" label="v3" height="300">
           <mx:TextInput text="T 3"/>


      Now, when the user is trying to open the second container, i want even the first container to be open... Once the box is open, it should never be closed untill it is asked for , for which I will have a button in order to make it close. Any ideas on this?


      Please let me know.. thnx...