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    Unicode text - question marks - problem!


      Hi Guys,


      I'm having problem with Georgian Unicode text in After Effects (in windows Language Bar its showed as KA). I tried other languages and the give me te same problem, though Russian is looking fine. Attached please find the screenshot.test.jpg

      The first is written with English, the second in Russian and the third in Geogian, and I get those weird question marks.BUT, when I copy and paste the same text in Georgian unicode from, for instance Photoshop, it looks just fine in AE - no question marks, just a plain nice text layer, but I still can not add any text to it since every time i type in Georgian unicode (notwithstanding the fact that it was pasted from other application) i get those question marks.


      I googled it, but was not able to find any info on this.


      Do you guys have any idea how to fix this?


      Im using Adobe After Effects CS5 on Windows 7 Professional.


      Thank you in advance and looking forward for your reply.