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    Change the drop-down entry?

    srinivas1506 Level 1



      I am developing an VISITOR Adobe Interactive Form, i have Designer 8.1 and Reader 9.0 in my Windows 7 Laptop. When i checked the menu EDIT-->form properties --> Compatability, its Adobe XML form File (XDP)


      When i opened this VISITOR interactive form in a browser, right clicking and checked form PROPERTIES, then i saw the "PDF Version: 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x)"

      I have a bunch of drop-downs in my interactive form, done by dragging & dropiing the 'Drop-down list' object, at the end i binded it with some data source, working fine, say its COUNTRY list.


      As soon as use opened the form, he saw the 'USA' prepopulated in the drop-down field, fine.


      User dropped down the entries, he saw a couple, like USA, Canada, UK, Spain, fine.


      But, now user want to enter / override this USA entry with his own value, like FRANCE, but, my form is not allowing, its behaving like a 'readOnly' field!


      Pls. let me know how to over ride a entry of drop-down values, as per user wanting value?