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    Working on pages in 1 Library, but for several projects (different targets)

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      Hi guys,

      I'm a designer in a developer-team, actually we give Flex, FlashBuilder and FlashCatalyst a big try.



      to make one application / service, with same Webservices and components,

      for different mobile devices, as AIR-Application and for probably for websites too.


      Problem (short):

      When i work with FXPL (Library), i cannot work on the different user-interfaces for each device/AIR. I can only work on the components itself, but not on the full software-interface.



      Problem (in detail):

      As an FXP (Design and Code in same project) its easy to work on all User-Interfaces(States). But as we have different targets - such as iPad, Android-phones and AIR-Application - i need to work with a Library to keep all components in same version, without editing 3 or more projects with same changes.

      So, how to work not just on the single components itself (example: a login-form) but also on the complete user-interface (with its headers, navigation, transitions and all this stuff) in Flash Catalyst (while working with a Library) ??


      A complex interface got 3 new components, which are already build & designed. I, as the designer, want to place & align them and maybe working on details. But in Flash Catalyst i cannot get the full-view of the user-interface (for each device / target).


      My idea for a work-around:

      Instead of working with the primary states (which is not possible with the library) i create something like an over-all-component for each view. So i can work on the single components (like child-parts of the main-user-interface), i can align them and work on them with states too.


      In this case i need to make all these components three times (for ipad, android-phones and AIR app),

      so: i can work on any user-interface for every target in flash catalyst, instead of just working on the components!

      but: at end of day i get alot of "components" which are just placeholders for states, views or component-groups.


      - Is there any better workflow yet with librarys & different targets (working on all interfaces)?
      - Didn't i see a critical point about my idea for a work-around ?



      ///// SoftwareDetails:
      We work with FlashCatalyst CS 5.5 (1.5.0) and FlashBuilder 4.5 (4.5.1)