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    How to insert a character and paragraph break at the beginning of a paragraph using Grep

    NDSnyder Level 1

      Dear Community!


      I am stucked...


      I have several books in indesign, which I want to export into epub. I have a standardized procedure, to be able to assign the task to students.


      My problem i I have a paragraph style 'heading2' and I would like to insert a paragraph break before which is styled 'new page'.


      Here is the theory I have thought about:

      -with find and change find the style 'heading2'

      -insert a special character + paragraph break before the first character of the paragraph


      -with a second find and change find the special character

      -replace with nothing and style with 'new page'


      My question is how to insert with grep (?) before the first character anything.


      Please help me!


      Thanks in advance