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    Mocha CS5 UI missing font?


      Having a weird issue running Mocha under CS5.  AE has the latest updates and OS is 10.6.7


      Whenever I start the application, there are parts of the UI that look like gibberish, almost as if the font is replaced by tiny fractions or something.  Obviously this makes navigating and using the application nearly impossible.  AE CS4 is also installed on this machine and running fine.  I have done a right click of Mocha to Show Package Contents and drilled down a few folders to find a folder called Fonts which in it included Frutiger 55 Roman and Blue Highway and both are installed.


      Very confused here, can anyone give a suggestion please?  I assume last resort is to reinstall the software, but I'd rather not also have to go along and relicense all my plugins as well. Thanks.