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    Developing Mail application

      I am very newbie to flex, Actionscript. My objective is to develop a email web application. Please do tell me about the directions. I think of using Pop3 & SMTP or Sendmail for transfer. So guide me out to obtain the objectives.
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          leotemp Level 1
          You need to:

          1] build your form for you email in your Flex app or as a custom component
          2] in your Flex app/component create a HTTPservice component that points to your server side smtp script.
          3] in your Flex app/component create a function that pulls the values from your form controls and builds them into parameters for passing to your HTTPservice
          4] in your Flex app/component use events like "click" for the button control to trigger your function
          5] your function sends the data to your server side script and it handles the email. have your script write out "success" or "fail" or anything else you can validate
          6] in your Flex app/component in your HTTPService use the "result" event to trigger a second function that will parse the result of your HTTPservice
          7] in your Flex app/component build the function that reads the HTTPServiceId.lastResult.toString() value, if it == "success" or whatever then set a successful dialog to visible, the dialog can be something like a canvas with a label stating the result and a button to click for the user to confirm it. on click set the dialog to visible=false.
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            Misterscorp Level 1
            Hi leo... Thanks for the reply, here i thought of using flex control to communicate with the smtp servers, to retrieve the incoming mails, something like yahoo mail....
            So is that possible in flex...