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    Making circles form a circle


      I just downloaded Fireworks last night, so I am extremely new.


      I want to make several circles take the form of one circle. I am making a logo. I can't figure out how to space inner circles evenly so I can remove the outer circle I have for shape. I hope this makes sense.


      Please help!!


      Thank you,



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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          I can't picture what you are trying to do but FW has tools to combine shapes. Draw circles, select each abnd try the Modify| Combine Paths options. You can join, intersect, punch etc.


          To align shapes, use the "Align" panel


          If you have a drawing I can be more secific:-)

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            mrs.a.lawery Level 1

            Thank you. Let me try to give an example. I tried to copy & paste, but wouldn't work.


            I made a large circle to form the space that I want to work in. Inside the large circle are several smaller circles.


            I want the inner smaller circles to look like they form one large circle. It's like one of those trick of the eye questions: How many circles are there. You would count all the circles, and then the one circle they make as a shape.


            I do not want the small circles to combine or touch. I just want them to look like they shape a larger circle.


            I'm sorry, but I hope this helps. If not I will try to figure out how to get the shapes I have on here. If you know I would appreciate it!

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              daaave Level 2

              you mean like this? if so draw one circle at the top, drag a copy down (to the bottom of the big circle) (alt to copy with shift to keep it in s straight line)




              duplicate group (crtrl +d) then numeric transform (ctrl + shift + t) and choose Rotate, then enter something like 30 degrees (if you use smaller and therefore more circles then decrease the number to rotate by. duplictae this and rotate again until you have a circle


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                mrs.a.lawery Level 1

                That's exactly it! Thank you!

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                  daaave Level 2

                  You're welcome