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    Multiple Links within a single button?


      Hi Everybody!


      I'm a bit of an indesign rookie, so hopefully I can explain this clearly...


      I'm trying to make an interactive map of restaurant locations at my school. I've put stars on the map representing restaurant locations, and the users can click the star to display relevant information. I'd like the text displayed to contain multiple hyperlinks to each restaurant's web page, and herein lies my problem.


      Each location group actually has 3 buttons: an appear button (the star), a information button, and a hide button (the x). The star button uses the 'show/hide buttons' function to make my information and hide buttons appear. The information button itself can be a single link, but the text itself isn't selectable. I suspect I have to come at this problem using an altogether different method, but I'm not sure what it should be?


      Here's the actual file I'm making.