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    Burn DVD with Director

    mg concept

      I need to burn information (text files and images) on DVD from a projector. I already burn CDs with FireFly Xtra from Ingeniak. This Xtra does not allow me to burn DVDs (it is suppose to... but return errors).

      Does someone know an other way to burn DVD from a projector?
      I am using Director MX 2004, Windows XP SP2.

      Thanks for helping me!
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          I don't think there is another way apart from FireFly. If you have a
          command line based burning program (like CDRecord)


          Then you can use an xtra like BuddyAPI or Valentin's Shell xtra to send
          the correct command line to the burning program.

          But, I have had quite a bit of success burning DVDs with Firefly.I have
          tested it with several different drives and the only one I've ever had a
          problem with was due to my using hacked firmware that was incompatible.
          I have successfully burned DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW disks. I
          have had much better luck since I added a few DLLs to my
          Director\configuration\xtras\ingeniak folder. The files are msvcp71.dll
          and wnaspi32.dll. I think they are normally in your Windows or system32
          folder (just do a search on your hard drive for them)

          There used to be a technote about it on their website, but their site
          seems to be down at the moment.
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            mg concept Level 1

            I tried to add DLL on the Xtras folder like you said and nothing changes: always the same errors. Are you using full version of the Firefly Xtra or the light version? Because I am using the light version.

            If someone has another idea...

            Oh.. by the way, this is the error message return :
            "ERROR - writeDisc failed. Exception 10 'Something really unsupposed returned'. 31 'A device attached to the system is not functioning.'"

            Thanks, Melanie