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    More blurry text problems


      I have a five-page Fireworks document/website. The header (title- the organization's name) is in Times New Roman and it's the same and in the same place on every page. In Fireworks, the header appears crisp and sharp on every page.


      When I use the preview command OR when I use contol-F12 to preview in a browser, the header text is blurry BUT ONLY ON PAGE 2. It is crisp and sharp on pages 1, 3, 4, and 5.


      I've tried copying and pasting from page 1. I've used the properties panel to position it on the same x/y coordinates. I understand from reading about "snap to pixel" that there are decimal places in pixel placement that can cause an object to be off. "Snap to pixel" is grayed out in the Modify drop-down menu.


      I've been laboring over this project for the last two days. As my pilot-husband used to say, "I'm out of airspeed, altitude, and ideas." Help.


      Thank you.


      P.S. Jim Babbage, if you're reading this, I've been watching your lynda videos and I could listen to your voice all day.