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    Indesign CS5 v7.0.4 "Relink File Extension" not working, unable to switch jpgs for psds


      Any tips on how to get the "Relink File Extension" feature in the links fly-out menu to work?


      I am trying to swap out a bunch of rgb jpgs for cmyk psd files using this feature, but it isn't working.


      I get the message: "Failed to find links. These links have not been relinked, and will remain selected in the Links panel."


      I have packaged the file with rgb jpgs and put the cmyk psd files into the packaged links folder and tried to link to them, but ID cannot link to the psds. Although I am able to place them one at a time.


      Is there a way to clear ID's preferences, or some other trick to get this feature to work properly?