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    AJA Kona Support in Premiere CS5.5


      I'm new to Premiere, and I've encountered some unexpectedly poor performance that I'm currently attributing to my AJA Kona 3, but I'm wondering what I can do about it. I downloaded a trial of CS5.5 and installed the latest AJA drivers (9.0.3) and Adobe plug-ins (9.0.1). Here's my system configuration:


      Mac Pro 4,1

      2 Xeon 2.93 Ghz

      16 GB RAM (10 GB allocated to PP/AE/AME)

      OSX 10.6.5

      AJA Kona 3

      No CUDA-enable GPU

      External RAID storage array w/ fiber interface


      I'm working with a mix of source materials - XDCAM EX footage, ProRes 422 or Animation graphic renders, DVCPro HD or Uncompressed captures - all at 1080/59.94i


      For starters, sometimes I have clips that shouldn't have to render that begin stuttering or failing to play, but after I stop and attempt to play that portion again, it works fine. This becomes very problematic during Export to Tape operations, when it can play through most of a sequence then hang up at the end. It seems most prone to this when switching between video codecs in the same sequence where they are not marked with any render-indicating color. I assume this means the Kona is handling those clips and should be able to play them without any problems. Is there some configuration issue I should look at that will address this? Maybe RAM allocation?


      Secondly, I can't figure out how to output timecode via the 9-pin RS-422. It seems that Premiere is not sending any timecode information to the Kona, because when I enable timecode overlay from the AJA Control Panel, it doesn't show anything. If I open a Quicktime file using AJA TV, the timecode will display as expected. Is there a configuration option within Premiere that I'm overlooking? Not offering TC output seems like it would be a major oversight, so I'm assuming this is something I simply can't figure out.


      Third, I'm experiencing an odd issue when scrubbing the sequence to find edit points in the audio. When I scrub frame-by-frame, it seems that the audio being played is always from the frame I just scrubbed FROM, not the frame I scrubbed TO (i.e., the current frame). This is not intuitive, and also not how Premiere works in non-AJA sequence presets. I'm assuming that this is just an AJA bug, but wanted to mention it in case I'm overlooking something.


      I know this is a lot for one thread, but I appreciate the community's time, expertise, and help. I really am excited about working with Premiere instead of FCP, but these issues can be frustrating.