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    CS5 - still no perfect avi output!?


      So we've been asking for years, and it never happens.  SWF files don't export to AVI from the player perfectly, seamlessly, losslessly, or as WYSIWYG, they still seem more like they export from the previewer/timeline and not from the player output.


      If you have a symbol set to animate and you place it in the frame, then you draw a motion tween path to the final frame, and the player recognizes this as a command to animate the symbol and simultaneously move the symbol from one location to the next, it still will not export into an AVI as WYSIWYG, but has either a more delayed rate of animation on the symbol or skips some segments of the bitmaps/png in the animation.


      AVI has been around since dirt, so it shouldn't be the requirement of the user to make WYSIWYG exports to such an old format. Default should be WYSIWYG, unless of course Adobe just can't seem to figure out "We show this in our player, so here's what we'll show FRAME BY FRAME in this AVI"


      If I'm ranting out of ignorance, then forgive me and please provide the info on how to make this happen. Otherwise the fact that other companies have to make 3rd party software just to try and accomplish this goal is just embarassing for the developers at Adobe.


      Hook me up with the info.