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    PDF opens blank window

    private razor

      I have an application that opens pdf in an iframe. There are several pdfs that are opening fine. However, after the most recent Reader 10.1 upgrade, a particular pdf is showing a blank frame. The pdfs stream data from the server and display the populated pdf.


      • The pdf opens up fine the first time it is opened. The second time it is opened, it displays a blank frame. I have waited 10 minutes for it and nothing displays. If anything, it should open faster the second time. If I shut down IE and reopen, it again works the first time and then it fails the subsequent times. If this is not the first pdf opened when IE is brought up, then it shows the blank frame when you open this pdf.
      • The pdf data is streamed from the server.
      • There is a link on the site to open the pdf. The link opens up an input dialog. After filling in a couple of fields in the dialog and hitting OK, the pdf opens. I mention this because there are other pdfs in the site that do not take input; these pdfs open directly from a link; these stream data from the server; and these pdfs open fine every time I open them.
        • Windows XP Service Pack 3, IE 7, Adobe Reader 10.1
      • This pdf was working fine in Reader X and previous versions of Reader.
      • This pdf works fine in Windows 7, IE 8 and IE 9.
      • This pdf works fine in Windows XP, IE 8.



      Can someone help me figure out what is causing this pdf to fail?