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      In searching the forum, I found info about LInkit (thanks, Rick), and downloaded it. Nifty! I fired it up, brought up our application, and then pulled the little icon over and began collecting application window names.

      And here's the problem, for which the Linkit Help doesn't provide a good answer. Like most apps I'm sure, the different application tabs use the same "window" (speaking from a development point of view), with differentiating names. In this case, here is a sample of two similar window names:


      Because it's the same window, Linkit puts a red line around the second window and won't collect it. Help says to right-click on the collected window name and then click rename. I do so, however, there is no shortcut menu at all, and no Edit-Rename function.

      Has anyone done this?
      Thank you,
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          catamaran Level 1
          The narrow pane that opens for collecing windows isn't the working pane for renaming them. Start from the Project Pane instead. Then the window names are automatically added to the Applications folder and can be renamed there.
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            catamaran Level 1
            Linkit review -

            After testing we found that Linkit is indeed cool, but the price is very high. About $3500 for a single user, and another amount for distribution per number of users. Probably useful with a great many dialogs. The drag & drop window and rename capability is easy.

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              bawd Level 1
              FWIW I evaluated LinKit a couple of years ago as an alternative to the aborted RoboLinker. Of course, LinKit may well have been significantly worked on since then but the following is part of my report at that time:
              .....LinKit, apparently a parallel to RoboLinker. However, my experience with the downloaded trial version [of LinKit] has shown up two direct problems:
              1 From a Helpfile containing 170 topics, of which 95 need to be link-accessible, LinKit fails to recognise 3 topics - all essential. Re-attaching the Helpfile in a different guise does no better. There appears to be nothing unusual about the properties of the missing topics.
              2 A significant proportion of the application is only accessible in live conditions - ie it is dependant on feedback from the [laboratory] equipment. RoboLinker seemed to have no problem with recognising orphaned screenshots fed to me by the client; LinKit will only recognise running applications - this would
              necessitate authoring in the laboratory, which is not desirable even if possible.

              Other queries about the suitability of LinKit:
              1 RoboLinker added an authorable button the the title bar of the running application to trigger links, which was acceptably intuitive. LinKit, on the other hand, puts the link icon into the Task Tray - not readily spotted unless specifically mentioned.
              2 It would seem that external links can only be set up via a dedicated topic, itself containing the links-proper.
              3 'Publishing' LinKit does not seem to be as straightforward as distributing RoboLinker.
              4 A further snag is the pricing structure of LinKit. Neither I nor my client could conceivably use an economic proportion of a 50-Activator license (I might hazzard a guess at 3 in the foreseeable future). The client would have to consider carrying the total initial cost - I can't speak for them, of course.

              I could not recommend LinKit in its present form as the means to achieving all the original objects of the project.

              LinKit at that time looked like a good idea that didn't quite work. Is anyone out there actually using it?