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    <UnconstrainFPSIfappropriate> ???

    dan from remote ltd

      Hey guys

      In my project I've built a number of 3D comps from layered photoshop files, within which I am animating camera moves.

      My comp size is 1920x1080 at 25p. For workflow I'm working mostly at 1/4 res or below, and then intermittently previewing a frame at full res.

      This is not an unusual process for me, I've worked on other projects with a similar workflow. But for some reason when I scrub around in the timeline, AE has started crashing. The error message is the same each time it kicks me out:


      <UnconstrainFPSIfappropriate> <5> Setting ADBEVideoFPS constraint off

      I've been hunting for a reason for this error but I can't find anything relevant online, so I thought I'd post.


      My system info is:

      2x2.4ghz quad core mac pro

      16gb ram

      os x 10.6.8


      (I am updating as I type to AE10.0.2 - but there is nothing in the release notes to suggest this is the answer to my pain. if it resolves it I will repost!)


      Another point that may be of note - for some reason this project is taking several minutes to open each time, which is driving me nuts!

      When I watch the project window as the project opens it seems to take a long time opening the folder that contains my photoshop source files, so I'm wondering if this is the problem... but why?

      They are quite large  - the raw .psds are about 13,000 x 5,000 pixels, which I have dropped into HD comps and spread the layers out in Z space, but I'm sure I've used layers of this size before without issues.


      Any ideas of things I could try to resolve the crash, or at least speed up the project opening again, would be super appreciated.