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    Error #2046 after reloading 16 times on Linux



      I am encountering some very strange behaviour with a Flex 4.1 app I am writing which gets in the way of testing. It seems that I can reload the app 16 times and then on the 17th, the loading process fails with


      Error #2046: The loaded file did not have a valid signature

      It seems to be consistently happening on the 17th reload on both Firefox 5.0 and Chrome 12. I am not sure if it's relevant, but I am running Flash Player v10.2.159.1 (also happens with on Ubuntu 10.04. Happens with both regular and debugger versions of the player. When I run the app on Windows FF5, it doesn't seem to happen. Closing the current browser window does not seem to fix it. The only way around it is to completely close all browser windows and restart the browser. And then again after 16 successful loads, the 17th fails.


      Also, after my app starts throwing the 2046 error, trying to load any other Flash that uses signed RSLs also shows the 2046 error (e.g. this app), which I think means the problem is not specific to my app and most likely related to the Flash cache or something of the sort. You can also try going to that other app and reloading it 17 times and see the same thing happen.


      At this point I'm thinking of chalking it as a Linux Flash bug but I'd like to make sure and check if anyone knows if there's something I should be doing to prevent this.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.