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    USB Microphone help, premiere cs5 on mac




      I have been searching for answer for a while and have found none. My Microsoft LifeChat lx-3000 will not work with premiere pro. It does work on the mac, and in Final cut..but final cut is terrible and I would like to record in premier.


      Things I have done:

      1. gone to premier pro>preferences>audio hardwear

           - In this menu I selected the "Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000" as my default device

           - in the Audio mixer I changed "Audio 3" to "Touch" hit the Microphone button and nothing happened, when I switch the input to "built in" premier recognizes the built in mic and allows me to record using this...but that one sound really bad.


      2. I also went to Utilities>Audio Midi Setup

           - here I selected Premeir Pro cs5 and checked the box next to the "Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000" to indicate that Premier would use this device.

           - still does not work, and every time I open the Audio Midi Setup the box next to "microsoft LifeChat LX-3000" is unchecked....not sure why it wont save.




      I am at a lose, if anyone has any suggestions or has dealt with this problem i am all ears...if this has already been covered in another thread, point me in the direction!


      Thanks for your time everyone!!

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          Hi Willis,


          Couple questions while I review my notes on this issue (I've been "disengaged" for about 2 weeks).


          1. Are you using Prem. 5 or 5.5?

          2. What kind of Mac are you on and what ver. of OS?


          And, as a start, anything that you've done in Audio Midi (for example if you created any kind of "aggregate device"), undo or delete it.


          I yet have to find a use for that piece of trash


          I hope you haven't upgraded your OS to Lion...


          Okay my friend, I'll wait to hear back from you, and review my notes.


          FYI, I'm on a Mac Pro running Prod. Prem. CS5.5 and OSX 10.6.8.

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            trellis3000 Level 1



            Thanks for responding! I appreciate any help i can get.


            Im currently running CS5 on a macbook pro 13in, with 10.6.7, its the newest model with the i5.


            I will go ahead and undead anything in my Audio Midi Panel!




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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              My recommendation would be to use a mic with a normal XLR connector, and convert that to a mini to plug into the Mic port.  PP should have no trouble seeing that setup.

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                trellis3000 Level 1

                Thanks for the recommendation, unfortunately I am making videos for work, and i have to use what i have, hahaha. The Microsoft LX-3000 works for everything else on the mac, it actually works perfectly for a $40 mic, however premiere is the only program i have had issues with.




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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  That's not surprising.  That's why I suggested a method that's more commonly used and known to work.

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                    trellis3000 Level 1

                    Wish I had a rig that worked! It would save me a lot of hassle, but in the end I take what i can get, no complaints.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      Well...one complaint.


                      What you got doesn't work.

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                        ProMaxed Level 1

                        Hi Willis, I'm back from lunch.


                        1st, the screen captures here, as well as the instructions may differ, because, I'm 1 ver. different from you; i.e., 10.6.8 and CS5.5. However, I don't think it's really going to matter.

                        2nd, I'm copying and pasting from my notes... I like caps for my personal notes, so all caps means nothing for these instructions.

                        3rd, where instructions say "MAC PRO" just sub your laptop.


                        Okay... These are the interfaces that you have to deal with:











                        Okay, reboot just for the heck of it.


                        Make sure your usb mic/headset is plugged in.


                        We're going to set up your audio to use the mic on your headset for input, but the speakers on your laptop for output. I think this might avoid any potential problems.


                        With your mic plugged in, open your mac system preferences and select the "Sound" pane


                        OS SYST PREFS ALL PANES.jpg



                        Now, select input and make sure your mic is selected as the input source.

                        Here, I have the M-Audio selected, you select your mic however it shows up.

                        Run the volume slider up to about 3/4 (you can change it later if you want.

                        OS SYST PREFS SOUND IN.jpg


                        Now, select the "Output" tab at the top of the window. Select your internal speakers

                        on your laptop. Note: you can try the headphones later if you want, but for now use the speakers

                        on your laptop. Run the volume up to about 3/4: this volume is also adjusted by the volume keys on

                        your keyboard. When done, close OS system prefs.

                        OS SYST PREFS SOUND OUT.jpg



                        Now, open up Prem. Pro. and create a brand new project.


                        When the New Project Dialog appears, select the General tab at the top and in the last dropdown menu

                        choose DV, and click on the OK button at the bottom.




                        The Sequence settings dialog will then appear, these settings are important and can be the root of the audio problems.

                        I believe you had said that you only wanted to record audio so I'm not taking into consideration any video settings...

                        With the "Sequence Presets" tab at the top selected... expand the "DV-NTSC" options and select "Standard 48kHz"




                        Now, select the "Settings" tab at the top of the box.

                        Under the "Audio" section of the box, make sure "48000 Hz" is selected from the

                        dropdown menu.




                        Now, select the "Tracks" tab at the top of the box.

                        Because the mic on your headset is most likely mono, we want to create at least one mono track (which you will record to) and 1 or two stereo tracks. If you try to record to a stereo track from a mono mic, directly, you'll get playback through only one speaker (ie one channel).

                        So, now you're in the tracks options. Under the Audio category, make "Master" set to Stereo from the dropdown box. It may already be there, it is the default I think. Next to Mono, click and make it one. Next to Stereo, click and make 2 tracks. Click OK at the bottom of the box.




                        Prem. Pro should fully open and all your panels will appear.


                        Go to the Prem. Preferences and select the "Audio Hardware" options.

                        Select your usb mic from the Default Device dropdown menu. My example below

                        has my M-Audio selected




                        Press the shift+6 keys to show the Audio Mixer panel if it is not already visible.

                        You should have 1 mono track, and two stereo tracks (my pic shows 3 stereo, below)

                        PremProMixPanelw mono.jpg

                        Above the mono track, click on the little mic icon, it should turn red, showing that you've enabled

                        the track for recording.

                        There should now be a dropdown menu below the pan knob for the mono track. click on it and

                        make sure your usb mic is selected.


                        Now, go up the far right corner of the audio mixer panel and click the little box with lines ("fly-out menu").

                        From the flyout menu, select "Meter Inputs Only".



                        You should now be good to go, tap on your mic, or speak into it to see if the mono track meter is registering sound.

                        Click on the small red record button at the bottom of the mixer panel, then click on the play button to the left of the record button. The play head should start moving across your timeline panel and record sound.


                        Let me know if you have any difficulties. I'll try to help. Good luck Willis.

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                          trellis3000 Level 1

                          Thanks man!


                          I will walk through this, and let you know what happens!

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                            ProMaxed Level 1

                            So, Willis, did it work?

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                              trellis3000 Level 1

                              Sorry man, i ended up spending three days in chicago for biz. I plan

                              on tackling it as soon as i get a free moment, once again thanks for

                              the walk through im excited to give it a try!!!


                              Sent from my iPhone

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                                trellis3000 Level 1

                                Pro Maxed, I can't thank you enough! It is working like a charm! Your directions where great, very easy to follow.


                                I believe the issue was with my external speakers. My computer would only read my externals and my usb, when i unplugged my speakers i was able to tell the computer to use my internal speakers thus seperating my usb headphone speakers from the mic. Now the mic works like a charm!


                                I think think many more people will be helped by this answer, thanks again!!



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                                  ProMaxed Level 1

                                  Hi Michael, glad you got it working. Just a final note for future ref... the sequence presets and settings are VERY important too, as are the mix panel settings (flyout menu, etc.) If they are not set up correctly, you will get distorted or no recorded audio. It can all be a bit more complicated than what is layed out in the online help docs, depending on your rig and setup. Anyhow, glad you're up and running ! 





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                                    Dave Legion

                                    You are but the only soul who has figured this out. Much thanks my man, it was begining to hurt my brain.