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    PDF files won't display. Error message "Missing Plug-ins"


      Hello. I am having trouble with adobe reader but only certain files. When I first signed up for school in may Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader were required and when I did the check plug-ins system check, both were installed and running just fine. Just in the past 2 days is the check plug-ins test saying Adobe reader is not installed. I have tried un-installing and re-installing but still saying it is not installed. I'm not having troubl with all adobe reader files. I'm an online student and my e-books are opening and displaying just fine. Also my pdf documents saved on my computer are opening just fine. When I try to view a websites brochure, a websites sale paper, or maybe open up an article, the page pops up but the image won't display. It keeps saying "missing Plug-ins". I have a MAC 10.6.8. running on Safari and I have downloaded Adobe Reader 10.1.0. I need to be able to open up articles because I'm doing a homework assignment that requires one. If u can help in any way, please do.