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    Play H.264 video using the FLVPlayback component

    owenpga2 Level 1


      fyi- im a novice at this stuff.


      i'm trying to embed h264 mp4 video into website using flash cs3 professional.

      when i select the source file it's looking for .flv files and not the mp4 file so the mp4's are greyed out.

      i read a great tutorial using a pc which shows the workaround for being able to see the mp4 files.

      http://blog.six4rty.ch/tutorials/flash-cs3-play-h264-video-using-the-flvplayback-component /

      I'm however using a mac and this method of putting an * in the file name box doesn't work on mac.


      if anyone has a tutorial or knows the fix to this issue i would love to hear from you. thanks. owen