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    Adobe Acrobat X packages


      Ever since moving to Acrobat Standard X and Acrobat Reader X for users, our PDF packages take a ridiculous amount of time to open for Reader X clients.


      We're running Windows 7 x64 on brand new laptops, and everyone has the issue of the files taking minutes to open. Possibly 5 minutes to open a small PDF package.

      Is there a box I must check somewhere to speed things up? It is at the point where many are considering it unusable.



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          Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

          Am not sure what exactly is it that you mean when you say a PDF package. Could you please explain what is it that you are trying to open.

          Also, is the issue seen with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader? Cause you seem to have mentioned both.

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            iamlegion Level 1

            PDF packages are multiple PDF files within a PDF file.


            Adobe - "A PDF package converts multiple files—which can be in different formats and created in different applications—and assembles them into an integrated PDF unit. The original files retain their individual identities, but are still part of the one PDF package file. Each component file can be opened, read, edited, and formatted independently of the other component files in the PDF package."


            An admin person creates packages with Standard. Users open with Reader. It's 'okay' with Standard, terrible with Reader.


            Opening with reader takes so long that we need a solution, or will be moving to an alternative solution. Everything worked great with Acrobat 8. Unfortunately, we had to upgrade as it is unsupported by Win 7 x64.

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              Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the information. I was confused between a PDF portfolio and a package.


              Would it be possible for you to share a sample file so that I can have a look at the same? I tried opening a sample package file at my end, and didnt face such an issue.




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                iamlegion Level 1

                Sorry, I meant portfolio... I can't at the moment upload anything as I don't have the software on my PC and any existing documents have corporate information on them...


                Are you aware of any files online I can try opening with my Reader X?

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                  Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

                  Can you download the portfolio at the below location and try opening the same with Adobe Reader: