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    How to Download Library E-Book?


      I received my Nook a few weeks ago, set it up, and downloaded a book from B&N. I don't remember what I did to make that happen, but it was semi-effortless.


      Tonight I wanted to download a library book. The library instructions were to download ADE to the computer, tell ADE that the Nook is an authorized device, then download the book, and then transfer the book from the computer to the Nook. I guess I already had ADE from when I first did the set-up with B&N, but I didn't realize that and downloaded ADE to my computer and had the Nook authorized.


      Then I downloaded a library book, and it's there, on my computer, but I don't know how to get it onto the Nook. The ADE instructions say that it's on the shelf, but the bookshelf doesn't show anything.


      Also, when the Nook is connected to the computer, which I think I'm supposed to do to transfer the book to the Nook, I can't use the Nook. There's a message on the Nook saying that if I want to use it and continue charging, I should eject the Nook from the computer, and I can't get beyond that message, so I can't see what's on the bookshelf unless I disconnect the Nook from the computer.


      I feel pretty stupid and very frustrated.


      My question: how do I get the book from the computer onto the Nook?




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          belvajoan Level 1

          When you connect your nook to your computer using the usb connection, then open ADE does the nook appear as a bookshelf in ADE?  Make sure you don't eject your nook from the computer.    It should appear as a shelf on the left side of the ADE screen, usually under the Recently Read shelf.  It might say nook, or device or something like that.  If it does appear as a shelf you can click on the book you want to transfer and drag it to the nook shelf.  It should then copy to your nook.

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            mbenay Level 1

            Hi belvajoan,


            Thanks so much . . . I think I'm halfway there.


            When I connected the nook to the computer, "nook" did appear and I dragged the book to the nook.


            But when I opened the nook, I found the book under "My Documents" and then "Unshelved" and I can't seem to open it or move it. I clicked on "Item details & options" and then clicked on "Read" and get the message "User not activated".


            Are you able to help me on this too? When I first got the Nook, I didn't have this trouble downloading a book from B&N.


            Thanks again!


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              To Marcia: you must not disconnect your Nook from the PC (you should disconnect it when you want to use it, like reading a file or look for settings, wifi etc. when you're charging it) and you can drag the title (clicking on it) you want to tranfer from the library  and drop it on the Nook. Then the file is automatically downloaded on the reader. I hope my explanation was clear.

              Ciao! Francesco

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                belvajoan Level 1

                Some people seem to get this to work by connecting nook to your computer with the usb, look at the files on the nook and delete the Adobe Digital Editions folders (probably two folders) from your nook.  Eject nook from computer then start ADE.  Connect nook to computer and ADE should ask you to register your nook.  Register with your ADE information and then you should be able to access the book.  Hope this helps.