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    Suggestion for linux system?

    Jens Eckervogt

      Hello guys,


      i think sure becasue it has problem about deb and rpm files when you use OpenSuse and i am using on Ubuntu. It is not possible when GNU/Linux convert to current package file = Problem with security like creficate crashes.


      Please do not convert with alias! I think better becasue we use any Linux System like any Pengiuns will install and share with *.bin, *.run or *.bundle File.



      I have been generated this package for Adobe Air Application like this MyAppInstaller.deb than any user will to install deb on OpenSuse. It is a bad way.

      When any user will hack with alias with conversion and MyAppInstaller.rpm can not install because it is worng end of coding. That is a bad result.


      Now i know becasue any linux users will to important 3 file binaries like *.bin, *.run and *.bundle. 3 binary packages will to open simple for any Linux System. like you are using OpenSuse 14.x or Ferdora 12.x and i am using Ubuntu 10.x or Debian 6.x = It is a nice result with important binary packagers.


      I hope you because Adobe AIr 2.8 will to improve and update and supports any Linux Distributed System ( Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Ferdora and Arch Linux and more unknown linux systems... )


      Please fix "adl" because i am trying on shell. It can not work because binary is worng and unknown.


      Thanks for suggestions!


      Regards Jens E.