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    Export Specific Timelines (Main, Nested, Frame counts)

    robosnacks Level 1

      It seems that every Flash file exports the main timeline in its entirety.


      Is there a way to choose to export jpeg sequences, mov's, and swf's of:


      - Specific ranges of frames

      - Specific timelines within a symbol only?

      - Specific ranges of frames within a specific symbol?

      - Specific layers of specific timelines within specific symbols?


      This flexibility would be great but I'm not sure if there's a way to do it. It seems like a pretty basic feature. Anyone?



      - I make a file named BALLBOUNCE.FLA

      - I have created a graphic symbol called "BOUNCE1" of a ball bouncing. 1 bounce. 1 single cycle.

      - In the main timeline I put BOUNCE1 on the stage, then tween that cycling ball across the stage so that the same bounce is used 25 times, moving slowly across the stage.

      - For reason X, I decide that I need to export JUST the frames inside that symbol as a SWF. One bounce cycle within the graphic.


      WITHOUT copying and pasting frames into the main timeline - is there a way to export that specific timeline directly as a SWF?