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    Printing settings - printing large document


      Sorry if this is a simple question.


      I have converted a word document which contains diagrams (enhanced metafiles converted from MS Visio),  It is a 76 page document, which I converted to PDF using PDF995 (only have Adobe reader).


      I tried to print the pdf but when it gets to the first page with a diagram on it, the printing gets stuck.


      The printer setting 'Page Scaling' was 'Shrink to Printable Area', I changed that to 'Fit to Printable Area', and although very slow the printing did work.


      My main point is, I need to send this pdf to senior managment, will they have the same issues when they try to print the pdf if their default setting is 'Shrink rather than Fit.


      Or is there something I can do to the images in the orginal document to avoid this issue in the first place.


      Sorry if this is an obvious question , but I would appreciate any help.