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    Text formatting (listings) with indent issues


      I'm working on formatting a book that includes several thousand listings:


      SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robert

                   (Margaret Johanna Fleming)

              Mr. Robert Wills—at Saint Joseph’s University

          “    Miss Martha Wills—at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

                3604 Thornapple Street

                Anytown, USA  12345

      SMITHY, Lieutenant General (Ret.) and Mrs. James A.

                   (Lewis - Susan Seymour Ragland)

                Pasture Green

                12345 Marble Quarry Road

                Anytown, USA  12345


                123 North Scenic Highway

                Anytown, USA  12345


                1234 Gulf of Mexico Drive

                Anytown, USA  12345

      SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Lee

                   (Mary Shockley)

           “    Miss Jennifer Elizabeth—at University of Maryland

           “    Mr. Aubrey Christopher

                18965 Durbin Terrace

                Anytown, USA  12345


      They need to be formatted as above, and a listing cannot be broken (between a page or column). I'm currently using soft returns (or forced line breaks) at the end of each line so that each listing is its own paragraph (which I can keep together using the keep options in my paragraph style). I'm using nested styles and GREP styles to accomplish the selective bolding. And tabs to control how far things are indented.


      The issues that I'm having are that some of the listings are too long for the column and wrap to the next line. When they do this they need to be indented. For example, on the Smithy listing above, James A. wraps to the next line and should be indented as far as Pasture Green.


      Same thing goes for Miss Martha Willis—at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. High School wraps to the next line and should be indented as far as (Margaret Johanna Fleming).


      If I use paragraph breaks, I can fix the indenting, but I can't keep the listings together (because each line is its own paragraph at that point). Any suggestions? Is there a way to use a special character at the end of each listing so that InDesign will treat it as a paragraph and follow the keep options selected?


      Thanks for your help,



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Create separate paragraph styles for each line (or each type of line) and set the keep options so that all the paragraphs within a listing are set to keep with next EXCEPT the syle applied to the last line. This works best, though when you have a predictable pattern of lines, and it looks like you may not have that with your data. In those cases a certain amount of manual intervention will probably be required.


          One way around this might be to use Data Merge, butting each line in a separate field in the merge template. Blank lines can be skipped.
          The major drawback to this is that every listing becomes a separate story after the merge, but thos stories can then be linked using the TextStitich script from Rorohiko.com and re-flowed. I use this technique on a deirectory I produce once a year for the local antiques dealers, and it takes less time than you'd think.

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            lctprepress Level 1

            Thank you. I'll play with the data merge feature with a subset of the listings and see what happens.


            I ended up going through and fixing my indents manually, which took some time, but I could have messed with it forever trying to figure it out.