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    After Effects error: (17::18)


         Every time I try to drag a video to after effects(cs4), I get the following error: After Effects error: overflow converting ratio  denominators. ( 17 :: 18 ).

      In the beginning I thought that maybe changing the avi files to mpg would solve this problem, because I have two videos that are mpg-s and they work fine, so I downloaded one program, changed the file, but

      it didn't work.

      Then I searched help from Google and what I found was that I had to right click on the video , then interpret footage and then main. Below the frame rate was two options. 1) Use frame rate from file:(23, 970)

                         2)Conform to frame rate:  23,97 frames per second.

      According to help I found from Google I had to select the option number two. The video worked fine, but...the video became shorter, half of the video was just gone.


      So, what should I do? Is there a way to get a video to it's original length, or is there some other way to get off this error so I don't have to use that way, what I found from Google.


      P.S. Sorry, if my English is bad


      Thank you,