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    Reader X spooling print issue




      we just recently switch our whole network from XP/cs4 to win 7/reader x. We didn't reinstall cs4 as nobody needed anything beside being able to read pdf and print.


      Everytime somebody print a pdf document (for example our biggest one 48 pages) and print multiple copy (let say 20), the spooling process for a normal user will literraly go through 960 times and send 1 document to print with 960 pages. on My pc in IT department with either reader X or CS4, it only process 48 pages and sent 20 copy.


      The other issue linked to spooling is when we try out A3 documents (2 pages questionnaires for patients 3.7Mb files), nobody can print on network beside myself, reader usually fail on spooling, or print half document without any Text, just images of box.


      I'm not really use how to troubleshoot this as we didn't do anything, we use a print server just as before with a spool queue for HP (all sames) or differents sharps. It doesn't matter which printer we choose, which make me think it's on a user settings/rights as it work fine from domain admin accounts/IT pc.



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          Jerome_bana Level 1

          after more tests it seems that any pc that got only reader X will have this problem (2 documents of 3 pageswill  print 1 doc of 6 pages back to back without blank page between.)


          on the 2 pc that got cs4 (mine is full installation including adobe pro 9, colleague got all but pro 9) everything work fine.

          on any other pc that got wiped from XP and received win 7 with adobe reader 10.1.0 this problem occur.


          I also discovered this problem only occur when we use the main print screen from adobe software, but not if we go into printer properties and setup the amount of copies we want.