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    Hyperlinking in RH8

    Mark Pud Level 1
      Hi all,

      I've noticed in RH8 that when i want to create a hyperlink to another topic, in the Hyperlink properties window, the topic list shows the file names, rather than showing the Topic Names (RH7 behaviour).

      I'd like to change this back, as it's more logical to look for a topic by it's name rather than by its filename..

      And when using the little "Find Topic" icon, the "by title" option was ticked by default in RH7, but I have to manually tick this each time in RH8, which is getting irritating too! I dont want to put have to put underscores in my search text to match the filenames!!!

      Don't suppose there is any option to revert this behaviour back to the RH7 way??