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    annoying "FIND" misbehavior


      Reader version is


      The issue has to do with highlighting "found" text


      Reader is not working in the customary way, which is to always highlight found text.


      When executing CTRL+F "FIND", the found string should be highlighted but it is not.


      When multiple occurrences of the string happen to be on the same page:

      - pressing F3 "FIND NEXT" highlights the second found string

      - pressing SHIFT+F3 "FIND PREVIOUS" from the second found string highlights the first found string, that was not highlighted before.


      When occurrences of the string are on different pages:

      - pressing F3 "FIND NEXT" does not highlight the next found string


      I do not know if there is any work-around or fix for this issue, perhaps support will pick up on the thread and provide a solution.