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    Playback issues in Premiere Pro CS5.5

    Wesley Blokker



      I have some difficulties with playback in Premiere Pro.


      I use a BlackMagic Extra sequense (1280p50) in which I work with XDCam EX footage (1280p50).

      I chose this sequense becasue, stupid and outdated as it is, Premiere Pro doens't allow for another way to playback over my BlackMagic videocard.


      Alot of times my playback stops. Even when the media doens't require rendering or is rendered. It'll play for 30 seconds, a minute, and then just stop.

      Other times I can hit spacebar all I want it won't start playing.

      And other times it will play a frame or two and then stop again.


      Please help me out with this for I cannot preview a film to a customer nor work properly.


      Kinds regards,