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    Dissapearing codecs in 5.0

    Ed Berrie



      I wonder if anyone else has had this problem:


      I have spent several days working on a set of sequences in Premiere 5 (full version) using presets and codecs associated with HD material shot on DSLR - Canon 5DII. This morning I updated the software to 5.3 as was reccomended to me by Adobe Updater. Now I can't reopen my project in Premiere - the error message comes up:


      'This project contains a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with the sequence type.'


      I opened up a blank new project and I can see there is no longer the HD or DSLR presets in the program. Has anyone else had this issue and can anyone help me resolves what has gone wrong? I have not yet tried re-installing the software from scatch.


      I am working on a Mac systerm running 10.6.


      Anyone able to help?