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    Catalyst 5.5 is still in its egg (how to design real software)


      Hi guys,

      we (a developer, and me as designer) gave flash catalyst, in combination with flash builder, a big try. But now we're running out of ideas if this tool is really usefull, except of some little possibilitys so far.


      Catalyst is great to place some images and convert them into buttons(components) and to set some interactions... and that's it!?
      With the FXPL (Library) i had a big hope to be able to work with the developers - my hope is gone...!


      Here are just two of probably over hundreds of reason why this workflows (flash catalyst / flash builder) is probably far far away from being serious software to create RIA's:

      #1 - If you want to make an application for web, desktop (AIR), and mobile, its recommendet to use a library to have the same components everywhere (instead of make the same changes in every project) Great. But here's the dead rabbit: when working with a library, the designer aren't able anymore to work on the user-interfaces (except of styling components, which are just a part of user-interface-design).


      Workarounds like: making complete states into controls will work in flash catalyst, but not in flash-builder. And even if it would work in flashbuilder, the developer wouldn't be able to see the different states anymore.

      #2 is shocking - If you have a new library (or single project), and you add a simple data-grid (which is out-of-the-box from flash-builder) you have no chance to work with the library or the project anymore in catalyst.



      So from my point of view, catalyst is a funny tool for a little presentation or a small website, but that's all.



      - The direction and ideas of this tool is great.

      - Simple and Fast editing with photoshop & illustrator is awesome.

      - The idea of "how simple to create a component" is good too!



      - A workflow with flashbuilder (to think about a RIA) is even impossible with a simple datagrid!



      ////// used software:

      - Flash Catalyst CS5.5 (
      - Flash Builder 4.5.1 (build 313231)


      Does anyone knows a workflow or a possibility to work on complex RIAs? (for ex. with flash catalyst)

      I still think its a dream(impossible) to think about something like an ERP Software (or modules for such) to work with Catalyst.

      But maybe anyone has a clue how to work on RIA (more then just a button and a scroll-panel).