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    Using Flash components


      I am having to rebuild two large projects without the now completely defunct OSControl (see earlier post). I have discovered buttons and checkboxes of the "Flash component" variety, which appear to be superior to the horribly outdated and crude Director buttons (especially: better looking and can be enabled/disabled). Alas, though, I'm having troubles with them that many wasted hours of experimentation and reading of documentation have not solved, hence this post.


      Three main things:


      1) Sprites disappear, even though Director says they're visible.

      2) Push buttons stay hilited (light green tinge) and won't return to basic state.

      3) Check boxes operate properly, but disappear for an instant before changing state. A minor thing, but I could do without it.


      I'm not using any actual Flash content; haven't worked with it at all. Just hoping I can use these buttons for basic user interaction.


      I expect I'm just not getting the concept of these tools, and there may be simple solutions, but I'm just way tired of wasting time trying to figure out these problems. I appreciate any helpful pointers.