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    Can I use adobe presenter to make a flipbook animation




      Is it possible to utilize Adobe presenter features to make a flipbook animation?  My goal is to make a short video to be displayed onto an Adobe presenter presentation that features a book which stops at certain pages of the book after having the animation that it is flipping through the pages.  Please advise.


      Thank you in advance

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          DHMerritt Level 1

          If I understand your question correctly then I would say no..... then think about it and then answer .... yes. The reason why I say no is because it is not Presenter per-say that creates the animations. Presenter is merely a tool that creates a housing for the animation that will be created in another program like Power Point or Flash. I said yes because Presenter makes it easy for one to import swf files into Presenter/Power Point.


          Me personally I would create the animation in Flash and then import it into Presenter.


          Then I would only import it into Presenter if it was part of a Power Point presentation. I would rather publish it directly from Flash.


          If however money if a problem and you do not have Flash or you need to do it in Power Point I am sure you will be able to do it (I do think that it will be a little more difficult and you would not be able to attain the same standard as you would in Flash).


          I know that this might be long winded but Presenter in itself will not be able to do what you want you will have to use an animation program like Power Point or Flash to accomplish this.


          Good Luck