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    Can you save Find/Change Sets?

    JimMcAndrew Level 1

      I worked on several jobs recently that required making a plethora of Find/Change queries. Is there a way that I can save these as sets somewhere so I can delete them from Indesign since I may not need them until this job comes back again in 6 months? And then at that time, reload them into indesign?


      Thanks for your help.



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          Stix Hart Level 5

          What you need is Multi Find/Change by Automatication.  It's not free but it is very good apparently, I have never needed to use it myself.

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            JimMcAndrew Level 1

            I think I need to rephrase what I'm looking for because I probably would have suggested Multi Find Change myself. I do have that plug in and it is excellent.


            Perhaps a better way to ask what I need is, Is there a way to copy all of your Find/Change Queries from one computer to another?





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              Stix Hart Level 5

              Sorry, still don't get you?  Multi Find/Change has the ability to export and import sets?


              There is another script around, might be called Find / Change by list?

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                JimMcAndrew Level 1

                What I'm trying to do is to find a way where I can delete a bunch of custom queries I've saved but be able to re import them at a later date when these catalogs come around again. There are just so many in there that they are a nusance (sp?) for my day to day work.


                this is not something i can do using multi find change, because it bases everything off of queries that are in Indesign's Find/Change.


                Is there a preference that holds all of our custom queries that could be saved?


                So assuming there were no plug ins, how could you copy custom find/change queries from one computer to another. If this can be done, then I can save whatever used to accomplish this to re import them at a later date.


                Am I making sense?





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                  Stix Hart Level 5

                  Yes you're making sense, have you tried exporting a set, saving it somewhere,  deleting it, then importing it again?  I'm just going off their website that says:


                  Export, Import and Share Sets
                  MFC has the ability to  allow workgroups to share Sets and Find/Change queries. Sets and  Find/Change queries can be exported into self–contained files (xml) for  other users to import or share.

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                    Hutch75 Level 2

                    You don't state what operating system you are using (or I'm blind) but for a Mac OS you do have a couple choices if you have MFC. First you can select the queries you want in MFC and export out but this won't delete from the system. Second follow the path (prefs screenshot) to the perfs folder and move them from there.MFC.jpgPrefs.jpg

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      You should find a folder on the hard drive in your user library or user profile called, oddly enough, Find-change Queries. You fild path info in the link for Replace Your Preferences for various operating systems. It should be in the same location as the InDesign Defaults file.


                      That folder contains all the saved queries you've made as .xml files. I don't think you can make sets, necessarily (haven't actually tried) but you can certainly copy these from one system to another.

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                        Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

                        stix's second post to you is hinting at the answer if you don't want to use automatication (which is worth the dosh).


                        so far though, automatication is the easiest, user-friendly way of doing this and acts as "modules" so that small saved changes can be chained into big changes.


                        nevertheless, using the scripting method which ships with indesign, a little more complicated.


                        there is a script which ships with adobe indesign called findchangebylist.jsx. there is also a subfolder in the script folder called FindChangeSupport.


                        what findchangebylist.jsx does is it loops many find/greps together by referencing a text file of the changes which is in the FindChangeSupport folder. this text file is called  FindChangeList.txt. if this is opened up in a text editor of your choice, find/grep searches are listed here. it's all pretty cody though.


                        however, if you go to the FindChangeSupport folder and change the name of this FindChangeList.txt to FindChangeList2.txt for example and then run the findchangebylist.jsx, rather than the script running, a dialog box asks which file to open. From here, you can then navigate to the FindChangeList2.txt file and open it.


                        on that note, I have several different text files which each contain various finds/greps which i may need to run for different projects, and they are named Yearbookfix.txt or businesscardfix.txt etc, and then i run the findchangebylist.jsx and then navigate to whatever file i need to run.


                        to edit the txt files so that they contain the necessary find/grep codes, you need a script called RecordFindChange_CS3.jsx written by Kasyan Servetsky (google the scriptname and his name to find this). The way this script works is you would type in the find/grep which you want in the find/change dialog box, and once it is typed into the dialog box and ready to search, run the RecordFindChange_CS3.jsx and all of a sudden, a textfile will appear with the pre-coded form of the find/grep which can then be cut and added to the txt file containing your customised find/greps.


                        confused? i'll build on this on my blog with some piccies so it's a bit easier. be within the week.





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                          JimMcAndrew Level 1

                          Thank you everyone for your responses. While they all work on various levels, the one that helps me achieve what I wanted and may have not communicated properly, is copying the "Find-Change Queries" folder and keeping a copy of this with the job.