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    changing php-service in FD breaks AS3 service class and valueObjects

    Andrew Sinning

      I used timemachine to restore my project so that I could carefully reproduce this.  Here's the scenario:


      I've written a service in php and used the Data/Service wizard in FB to create my valueObject.  The valueObject is called "Setting".


      Now I'd like to add a parameter to one of the methods of my service object.  I open up the php script for the service object in FB for PHP.  I enter the new parameter for the function and save the file.


      I immediately see that FB has created new valueObjects Setting1, _SuperSetting1 and _Setting1EntityMetadata.


      So, I should be able to fix this be adding the required parameter to my data service call AS3.  I add the parameter to the call.  Now what?  I notice that return type in my Data/Services tab has changed from "Setting[]" to "Setting1[]".  So, I should reconfigure the return type for the function call.  I right-click on the function, select Configure Return Type... and then set the return type back to the existing Setting[].


      What happens next is I get an error "Unhandled event loop exception java.lang.StackOverfolwError".  After clicking Okay I'm told that I am recommended to exit the workbench.


      I can't figure out how to fix this.  I've gone in and manually edited the AS3 class for my service so that it's using the original Setting valueObject.  I can now at least get the project to compile, and it is using Setting, not Setting1.  But the Data/Services tab still shows that the funciton returns data type Setting1[].