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    Flash Builder defective and unable to refresh Data/Services

    Shailen TJ Level 1



      It is very annoying that the Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP is so buggy. It is very difficult to work with such a tool. First it is uber slow in compiling and secondly, I currently have a problem at deleting one service file from the system.


      I would like to delete it, to regenerate the service functions.


      I have a PHP file called itemService.php. From this file, I create the Flex services. I already created it, but I am unable to delete/refresh it.


      I can recreate the service file, and that works fine. I need to choose another name. I can delete/refresh the newly created service. However, my project is unorganised with that service that I cannot delete. If I could refresh it to reflect changes made in the PHP file, that would be fine.


      I attempted to manually delete the .as files related to the service. I removed all the VOs and other service files, no luck!


      Please help!


      Also, can Adobe fix all these problems?