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    Crd wipe Issues

    kangana parker Level 1

      Hi to all,

      I have a still which I want to split into four pictures so that when each turns everyone reveals different picture. So I made four duplications and precomposed everyone of them. Inside the precomposed four picture I made masks equal to the size of the picture they will reveal.All precomposed pictures make up the entire picture. Perfect..


      Next I made this precomposed picture as a 3D layer and modified its anchor point.. I did the same thing to the picture it will reveal and made sure both have the Anchor point at the same place.. When I apply the Card Wipe and do the keyframing , It does not takes the Anchor point's position to flip the picture but it takes only the centre of the frame to flip it....How can I change the position of the flip??? Once it happens on one of frame then I have repeat the process for the others..


      Please help me sir...





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Both Card Dance and Card Wipe rotate the cards about their centers. There are no controls to change that.


          If I'm understanding you, you want the cards to flip based on their anchor points. If that is the case you need one layer for each card front and one layer for each card back. The anchor points must be aligned to the edge you wish to flip. Then you must animate rotation for each layer. Card Wipe is not the right tool.


          There is an expression that will automatically show or hide a background layer. This makes the flipping easier.


          I hope this helps. If you need it we'll provide a link to the front back rotation expression.

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            kangana parker Level 1

            Dear Rick, You are a great savior...Thanks for putting me back on track and understanding my point of view correctly...Please do help me figure out with the aid of expression about what I want to achieve..


            I even tried with the orientation settings and that does rotate along the anchor point. But then if I need to change the image when the image is at the extreme point of flipping seems impossible. Moreover, since I have split the image with Masks into four parts with a certain overlap I am not sure of the end result...


            Please help me further so that I can complete this splitting and rotating to change the image..