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    Conflict indesign CS3/Flash CS5




      Flash CS5  has been installed since December. It  worked great.  I could do my  programming in AS3 and in AS2 no problem.  However, for 3 weeks  I had to do some work in Indesign. Since then the  misery  with flash CS5 keeps on going. Flash CS5 is so lazy but  it has  a CPU usage of 102%. I do not know how to handle this problem. I  reinstalled flash CS5. Apple says it is a known problem of Adobe/Flash.  Is there no one who can help me .

      Flash CS3 ,  keeps on working fine. They are never working together. That one  is not lazy. What can I do?

      I can not return to the CS3 as I agreed in the conversion of my fla's made on a CS3 tot the CS5. Is  there any one who can help me



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          Snif11 Level 1

          My two A's '(Apple and Flash CS5) stopped  struggling. It had nothing to do with Indesign... it was  just a problem of permissions. Why it happened I do not know. The only constatation I  dare to make is... Guys from Adobe... you put the right diagnosis... thank you,thank you  very much....

          Permissions that's all!!