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    TIFF Sequence Numbering Always Starts on Zero?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Need some help here.  Say I have already rendered out to a 5000 frame TIFF sequence of a heavily effected project (lots of effects, dynamic links, etc.).  A week later we then need to make some FX changes to frames 900-1000 WITHOUT changing overall duration.


      I thought it would be just like After Effects that renders out sequences with the frame number attached.  Overwrite the old 0900-1000 numbered clips without having to rerender everything else.  Problem solved.


      But I can't seem to get Premiere to do anything but start its numbering from zero--even if I want to render out starting on frame 900.  I'm expecting frame 900 to look like MOVIE_0900.TIF, but instead it ALWAYS starts at MOVIE_0000.TIF.  So it's overwriting the files I DON'T want to overwrite.

      Catch my drift?


      Any way to fix this?  I dont' see any options to name based on frame number.