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    Color correction problem between original sequence and multicam sequence... Please help


      I used three camcorders to record a youth dance recital.  I created an orginal sequence for the three camcorders and another sequence using the multicam feature to edit the dances.  After I finished editing, I went back to the original sequence to make some color correction and brightness adjustments using the Fast Color Correction controls.  After that, I sent everything to Encore to create a DVD.  When I watched the DVD, I noticed some of my color correction settings were still off, so I went back to the orginal sequence to make some changes.  Unfortunately, the multicam sequence would not read the new settings.  After a few unsuccessful attempts to get the clip from the multicam sequence to read the clip from the original sequence, I decided to start over by clearing the Fast Color Correction controls from the clip.  The multicam sequence then adjusted back matching the original sequence.  However, when I started a new Fast Color Correction control in the original sequence, the multicam sequence would not take the new settings.  How to I get the mulitcam sequence to read the orginal sequence?