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    Flash Builder no longer compiles a project

    justria Level 1

      After my last edit - no syntax errors - of a given project, Flash Builder no longer builds my project.


      Restarted Flash Builder. Created a new project and copied all sources. Nothing helps. It just doesn't create the binary.


      I see two problem reports.


      Most of the time this one:

          An internal build error happened. See the error log for further details.


      Then, sometimes, this one appears:

         Classes aren't allowed to be defined inside other classes.


      The project is syntactically free of errors.


      As soon as I remove the main component from the App.mxml, the build finishes orderly and the app starts up. In this case - as expected - with a blank window.


      Does a workaround solution exist?  Does certain size restrictions make the build fail?



         Mac OS X Lion.